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Your most efficient, accurate, and streamlined office visitor management system is here!


When you have a manual visitor management system for your workplace, things can get confusing with all the logbooks you have to keep and protect. Not to mention the time and effort it takes for you to search for specific visitor logs or even evaluate your foot traffic and other visitor analytics. With ViMa, however, all these requirements are integrated and streamlined in one system. Give your visitors, front desk staff, and employees less hassle and a more augmented visitor experience today!

Business Challenge

One of the most common types of visitor management systems used in the Philippines is the log book. It’s cheap and easy to set up (log books are available at any school and office supplies store, after all) and you don’t need a new computer or system to always monitor for errors. However, a log book is barely, if at all, enough to be an efficient or useful visitor management system.
Using a manual system is actually a lot riskier and tedious than it looks. Because there’s no proper archiving and searching system for a log book, you’ll be spending a lot of time searching for a particular visitor’s information, especially if you’re looking for someone from a previous date’s log. You also don’t have a proper summary of how often a visitor comes to your office, or the reasons why people drop by. Even the amount of visitors you get per week is nigh-impossible to compute and record properly without spending a lot of hours just for that one task alone.
Additionally, you’re potentially putting your visitors at risk. How do you contact them immediately when there’s an emergency? How do you immediately know which visitors are still on-premise that need to be warned? Which floor or area are they on? Finding all of them through a manual system is slow and inefficient, and in emergency situations, you can’t afford to be slow.
The only answer to these problems are to use a fully-automated, streamlined, powerful yet sleek and lightweight visitor management system.


ViMa is your high-impact, reliable, and secure office reception and visitor management tool. It can search through your visitor log with just a few taps, helping you find specific visitor records, dates, and times – definitely faster than scanning through multiple logbooks. It’s also user-friendly – you and your visitors don’t need expert technical intuition to operate the system and input details – it’s as easy as filling in the necessary data and letting ViMa take care of the rest.
These information are kept within a cloud storage, ensuring that you don’t accidentally lose or delete any record. And don’t worry – all information stores within the system are carefully safeguarded and are treated as highly-confidential info. ViMa is fully data security-compliant, meaning that you and your visitors can rest assured that their info will not fall into the wrong hands.
Through ViMa, you can also get in-depth data on times of visit, most common visit purposes, and even the person most visited. These data can help you evaluate and optimize your reception and visitor engagement systems, thereby improving relations with your customers – whether they are professionals or civilians. It’s also customizable to your needs and specific processes, plus it also features visitor notification and emergency alerts that can be accessed in a few steps!
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As mentioned, using ViMa is easy. It covers four basic steps: registration, notification, verification, and authorization.
The visitor first registers on the Kiosk through a smart tablet. Basic fields to be filled out are name, company, email, contact no., purpose of visit, and person to visit. These fields can be customized by your designated system admin, like requiring visitors to upload a picture or a valid ID for verification. A notification is then sent to the host or employee through SMS, email, or Google Hangouts – the choice of notification is also set by the system admin.
The message sent to the host or employee contains the visit link, where they can accept or reject the visitor. Alternatively, they can also ask the receptionist to accept on their behalf. If accepted, a printer at the reception that is synced with ViMa will automatically print a badge ID containing the visitor’s name and person to visit. This is their official gate pass to the office and is valid within all visitor-accessible premises.
Additionally, you can explore ViMa to generate log reports, alert visitors of emergencies through text messages, and even customize workflows so you can fully integrate it to your system! ViMa is convenience at the tip of your fingers – both for you and your visitors!
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