IT Staff Augmentation

Looking for highly qualified IT experts? No need to rummage through job portals! Yondu has the perfect group for you.


Want to maximize your money’s worth without sacrificing the quality you’re looking for? Look no further as Yondu’s staff augmentation service provides you the outsourcing service you need in all things IT! With our 8 years of market experience, DOA18a license to perform IT staff augmentation in the country, and marked as compliant by DOLE in terms of GLS and OSH audit, rest assured you are getting the cream of the crop.

Business Challenge

Our pool of highly qualified IT professionals are Yondu-proofed to make sure our deployed staff are well-rounded, armed with the latest tools and trends, and can even advance digital practices with proper training and activities that keep them on the top of their game.
With this sweet package, you won’t be haunted by excessive labor costs. Not only that, your company doesn’t need to worry about government compliance as we pay all our deployed staff’s taxes, provide HMO and other benefits that our regular employees enjoy. All you have to do is get them on board!


At Yondu, we strive to keep our clients happy. With our IT staff augmentation service, you can be assured we take care of your happiness and your future staff as well. We at Yondu recognize outstanding performances and employ positive reinforcements to encourage them to do better.
Our staffing involves financial stability. While other companies pay for the salaries of deployed staff, your company needs not to worry about it as we take care of that and other HR jobs too so you can focus on moving your company forward instead.


Save as much as 60% on your usual labor cost as Yondu eliminates the process of administration and training for deployed staff for you. We are here to help you achieve operational efficiency and maximize profitability.
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